About Us

Our Team: Deeply Experienced, Uniquely Qualified

Main Management’s team includes seasoned professionals in the area of investments, client relationship management, and operations, plus an external Advisory Board of senior investment industry leaders. With more than 30 years average industry experience, members of the firm’s Investment Committee and Advisory Board contribute valuable real-world perspective to the investment decision making process. Our team-based approach ensures the consistent application of the firm’s process discipline and does not make the investment process reliant on any one individual. With significant personal investments in Main Management’s investment strategies, our team’s interests are 100% aligned with those of our clients.


Our Philosophy: Focus on Asset Allocation & Sector Analysis

We believe that asset allocation is the dominant driver of long-term portfolio returns.  In addition to size and style, fundamental sector analysis is crucial to portfolio returns.  When it comes to the implementation of well-diversified portfolios, we believe ETFs offer tremendous advantages over actively managed approaches in the areas of cost and tax efficiency, transparency, and trading flexibility.


What We Offer: A Solutions-Based Approach

Main Management constructs customized solutions to help high net worth individuals and institutions achieve their investment objectives.  Our flagship All Asset strategy represents the expression of our most broadly based asset allocation views and can serve as a standalone, turnkey total portfolio solution or be customized to complete a portfolio of existing holdings.  Covered call option overlays are used to dampen portfolio volatility and generate portfolio income.  For more targeted portfolio needs, we offer sub-strategies of the All Asset strategy.