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Making Innovation Accessible with Kim Arthur

S&P DJI: Harnessing Disruptive Innovation with Indices Watch: “Making Innovation Accessible” with Kim Arthur In this presentation from S&P DJI, explore strategies and practices for identifying, selecting, and delivering innovation and disruptive technologies with Main Management’s Kim D. Arthur, IDX’s Ben McMillan, Kensington Asset Management’s Bruce P. DeLaurentis, and 3D/L Capital Management’s Benjamin M. Lavine.

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Kim Arthur on TD TV

TD TV – Financial Sector Up 29% This Year All Covid restrictions to be lifted for banks that pass and prospects of dividend/buybacks in 3Q21, says Kim Arthur of Main Management. U.S. loan growth -4% year-over-year, but with 7% GDP estimated this year and 4% GDP estimated for 2022. The financial sector prior to this

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