High Net Worth

Main Management provides investment management solutions to a wide range of high net worth investors ranging from taxable and non-taxable accounts to charitable trusts.

Main Management’s high net worth individual solutions range from flexible client specific Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) which allow for client customization and personalization to limited partnerships which can be used as turnkey global asset allocation solutions or in conjunction with an existing portfolio.

Main Management offers high net worth individuals access to institutional class strategies and service while keeping fees and trading costs low in order to maximize client returns.

Contact us today and let us help you achieve your investment objectives.

As a Registered Investment Adviser, Main Management is a
Fiduciary committed to act in each client’s best interest.

  • Partners are 20% of assets under management and provide unlimited access to all clients.
  • We focus on high-touch, reliable client service. We use our experience, knowledge and networks to help clients achieve their investment management goals.
  • Our diverse client demographic across food service, technology, real estate, entertainment, and other industries gives us a unique network to leverage.
  • We manage all types of accounts; assets are held in custody at leading Wall Street brokers including Schwab and TD Ameritrade offering highly competitive rates through long-standing relationships with custodians.

Investment Management

Low cost, liquid and diversified strategies, primarily using ETFs:  Active, Buy-Write, International, All Asset, Thematic

Investments are highly liquid. Can implement strategies around entry/exit of positions, option overwriting, hedging, and ongoing rebalancing with a focus on risk management

Webcasts & Market Updates from our internal research group & investment committee

Cash Management

Seek superior risk adjusted yields through Municipal Bonds, Treasuries, Money Market funds, CDs and Cash-secured put selling

Through our institutional relationships, we often are able to facilitate access to capital at substantially lower rates than traditional banks and broker dealers

Expedited wires when needed. Our wire approval process adds an extra layer of security

Financial Planning

Review and monitoring of your existing long-term financial objectives

Set up distribution and contribution schedules for all accounts, reconcile positions daily, consolidated reports 

Review, research and advise on outside investment proposals & opportunities (Venture, Private Equity, Real Estate, Insurance)

Bandwidth to join calls with you, expertise to advise, and network to help source capital when appropriate

Tax Management

Sensitive to tax liabilities. Work with each client to help optimize gains and losses – including tax aware investing and charitable giving strategies

Liaise with your accountant on quarterly estimates and delivery of tax documents

Work with your Trust and Estate attorneys, Trustees, Executors & Beneficiaries for all Trust & Estate related activities