Michael G. Balog


Professional Bio

Michael G. Balog is Managing Partner of Balog Capital Management, LLC.

Michael graduated with a BS from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business in 1981, with a concentration in Marketing and Decision Science.

After several years as product manager for hardware IT at Harris Corporation, Carterfone Communications and Datastream Communications, he joined Montgomery Securities in 1986 as an Institutional Salesman.

Michael was named a Principal of the firm in 1990, was near the top producers for nearly a decade, serving a host of the largest mutual funds, as well as the largest US hedge funds.

After the merger with Nations Banks, then Banc of America Securities, in 1998, Michael was named head of Equity Product Marketing, and ultimately named to the Executive Management Committee at Banc of America Securities.

He was a weekly contributor to both Fnn and CNBC live market programs. In 2002, he left Banc of America Securities to create Shoreline Asset Management, a family office fund format.

In 2010, Michael joined Andor Capital Management as Principal and Portfolio Manager, and spun off Balog Capital, LLC in 2011.

His fund maintains offices in Rye Brook, NY and Paris, France.


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