Ravi Kaza


Professional Bio

Ravi Kaza graduated from The Wharton School/University of Pennsylvania with a BS in Finance Summa Cum Laude at age 19.
Since then, Ravi has spent the last 25 years consistently focused on disruptive technologies. Ravi started his career in Silicon Valley at a prominent investment banking group founded by Frank Quattrone and George Boutros, where he worked on numerous notable transactions for clients such as Amazon, Netscape, Apple, Lucent, and Lam Research.
Then Ravi entered the money management as a Vice President at Pequot Capital Management, at the time one of the world’s largest alternative asset managers with a prominent focus on technology long/short investing. Ravi oversaw the efforts within Pequot centered on the convergence of the Internet with several more traditional sectors such as retail, media, and finance. Ravi was then hired by Stanley Druckenmiller to be Managing Director at Duquesne Capital Management with primarily investment responsibilities centered around long/short equity strategies in the technology sector.

In 2003, Ravi founded Seasons Capital Management, a multi-billion-dollar SEC-registered investment manager which oversaw multiple TMT strategies. In 2010, Ravi shifted his focus to running solely internal capital with a continued primary focus on disruptive technologies (Twitter, Uber, Digital/Blockchain assets). His focus on crypto/digital assets has grown significantly in recent years: Bitcoin in 2014, Ethereum in 2016, Early-stage crypto venture funds in 2017, and venture deals centered around the digital asset ecosystem in 2018. As of summer 2020, digital asset related investments (liquid and illiquid) constitute more than 50% of his total portfolio exposure. Ravi has now invested directly or indirectly in over 100 digital asset related investments. His core investment belief is that a disproportionate share of risk-adjusted alpha in the world during the next decade will come from the digital asset sector. Consistent with this belief, Ravi has been spending upwards of 75% of his time focused on digital asset investing thus far in 2021.

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