3 Questions on INTL with Kim Arthur

3 Questions on INTL with Main Management’s Kim Arthur

INTL 3 Questions with Kim Arthur at CBOE

Q: What is the Fund?
A: Actively managed international allocation, focusing on specific countries, regions, and subsectors within each. Analyzing fundamental data to assess whether a sector, country, or geographic region is expected to undergo a transformative change that may lead to near-term price appreciation

Q: Why launch it now?
A: Increased interest in investing outside the US from clients/advisors. International equities, which have been a laggard the past dozen years, may currently be poised to catch up.

Q: Where does it fit?
A: We believe that this provides a complete international allocation in a client’s portfolio because of its diversification. Depending on risk tolerance and appetite for non-US investments, somewhere between a 15-30% allocation amongst one’s equity allocation may be appropriate.