Market Update June 17: Feat. Kim Arthur, Jim Concidine, and Ambassador J. Richard Fredericks


Making Innovation Accessible with Kim Arthur

S&P DJI: Harnessing Disruptive Innovation with Indices Watch: “Making Innovation Accessible” with Kim Arthur In this presentation from S&P DJI, explore strategies and practices for identifying, selecting, and delivering innovation and disruptive technologies with Main Management’s Kim D. Arthur, IDX’s Ben McMillan, Kensington Asset Management’s Bruce P. DeLaurentis, and 3D/L Capital Management’s Benjamin M. Lavine.

Kim Arthur on TD TV

TD TV – Financial Sector Up 29% This Year All Covid restrictions to be lifted for banks that pass and prospects of dividend/buybacks in 3Q21, says Kim Arthur of Main Management. U.S. loan growth -4% year-over-year, but with 7% GDP estimated this year and 4% GDP estimated for 2022. The financial sector prior to this …

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A Dynamic ETF Strategy to Keep Up with the Changing Times

Main’s Thematic Strategy, ETF Trends Strategist Channel Article “Kim Arthur, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer, Main Management, LLC, also underscored the importance of mid- and small-sized companies to help investors capture enhanced growth opportunities. While recent years have seen mid caps underperform large caps, mid caps have outperformed by 184 basis points annualized …

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Sector Rotation Strategies in Dynamic Markets

Main’s Active Strategy – NASDAQ Article “Sector rotation is a well-respected and widely employed theory of stock market activity. A sector rotation investment strategy entails “rotating” or shifting from sector to sector as the economy moves through the different phases of the business cycle. This typically involves a top-down analysis that includes monetary policy, interest rates, commodity …

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Designing an ETF for Innovation

Main’s Thematic Strategy – NASDAQ Article “Advisors and investors are starting to look more critically at market indices. Especially in relation to the challenges of navigating today’s new investing environment driven by uncertainty, complexity, and hovering at record high market levels.  This allows them to go beyond just relying on past performance, static asset allocation …

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