Curtis Fort – Bear, Bull, Pig Bronze Bust Celebrating Main Management’s 20th Anniversary

This year Main Management is celebrating our 20th anniversary. 

To commemorate, Blaine Docker (Chief Operating Officer of Main Management) connected with Curtis Fort to collaborate on a small run of bronze sculptures to envelope the experiences within the finance industry. We asked Curtis and Blaine a few questions to recap what this collaborative effort looked like, you can find their interviews below.

Curtis Fort Q/A – Learn more about Curtis here

Q: How did you begin working with or befriending those at Main Management?

A:  I have done the Christmas gifts, a different bronze each year, for a client in San Angelo, Texas for several years.  When I delivered them last fall one of the owners said I needed to get in touch with Blaine Docker as they were interested in an anniversary piece.

Q: How does this piece compare to others you’ve done in the past?

A:  I’ve done many cattle and wildlife pieces over the years so it seemed to fit.

Q: What is your favorite piece of artwork (bronze) that you’ve made?

A: I try to do my best on each sculpture I’ve done.  I love the American West…ranching, wildlife, etc. and I’ve enjoyed them all.

Q: This piece is complex with 3 figures evoking a lot of emotion and motion, were there any parts of this process that were particularly challenging for you to work through and find solutions for? 

A: My goal after speaking with Blaine Docker about the subject, was to show the force of a mad bull,  the fierce ability and strength of a grizzly bear and the squeal of the pig.

Q: From beginning to finish how long did it take to complete this unique sculpture?

A: The sculpture was done over a period of 2 months…lots of pencil sketches, then sculpting the figures, then more sculpting to to fine tune.  I redid the bull and also the bear twice, and when I see the motion and power of these animals,  I go to work on the details…claws, eyes, ears, muscles, etc.

Q: If others who are inspired by our collaboration, wish to pursue their own – how do they begin to work on such a project with you?

A: I’ll talk with them…it depends on the subject and how many castings, they need.

Blaine Docker COO Q/A:

Q: What inspired the idea of featuring the Bear, Bull & The Pig? 

A: The idea came from a long-time important client of the firm. He has this artist (Curtis Fort) create a yearly bronze for his company that they give out to their top clients. I have always admired these pieces, so when our client told me we should have one made for our 20th anniversary, I thought it was a great idea. Internally we frequently talk about how in investing, Bulls and Bears can make money but being greedy like a Pig can get you slaughtered.

Q: What’s your favorite aspect of this unique collaboration?

A: I’d say watching Curtis Fort create the entire piece from scratch with our input and then seeing the final result was awesome.

Q: What is Curtis like to work with on these special projects? Are there aspects of his craftsmanship that stand out to you as particularly special or more meaningful. 

A: Curtis has been a pleasure to work with, he is a true cowboy so his real-life knowledge of animals (especially the Bull) and attention to detail really make this work of art stand out.

Q: What does it mean to you to commemorate the big 20-year anniversary milestone with this unique piece of art? 

A: I think it speaks to the chaos of the markets and this line of business in general, there is never a dull moment. I’ve been a part of Main for 18 years so can attest to this! I have been working with this particular client and his family for 14 of those years. I consider him not only a friend, but a mentor and it was incredibly thoughtful of him to make this suggestion for our 20th Anniversary and introduce us to Curtis. At the end of the day and above all else, we are in this business for our clients, since it was one of our clients who was the true inspiration behind this work of art, I think it makes the sculpture that much more special.

Q:  What would you share for advice with a company or team who is considering a custom piece of artwork like this? 

A: Curtis is incredibly passionate and talented; I can’t think of anyone better to work with on a project of this nature.

To learn more about Curtis Fort, we invite you to explore his website here:

To learn more about Main Management, we invite you to check out our website

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