Kim Arthur on Orion’s “The Weighing Machine” Podcast

Geopolitical Turbulence: Prepare for the Future by Stress-Testing Different Scenarios with Kim Arthur

With the current political climate, it’s important to know the risks and scenarios that could play out from different geopolitical topics. From trade disputes to military conflict, there are many ways that geopolitical unrest can impact the economy and the market.

In this episode, Rusty talks with Kim Arthur, President and CEO at Main Management. Kim began his financial career in 1987 when he joined Montgomery Securities in their Institutional Sales division. In 2009, he was recognized by Institutional Investor Magazine as a “Rising Star” of Foundations and Endowments. Kim has also been profiled in Index Universe articles and referenced in Barron’s, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and Fortune Magazine, among others.

Kim talks with Rusty about some potential risks and scenarios from different geopolitical topics that are top of mind for many financial advisors and investors and the impact geopolitical turbulence might have on the economy and the market.